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Be Part of Creative, Fun and Smart Team!

Good Day Job Seekers!

If you have a year of experience in linkbuilding, content writing, graphic designing, web development and in PPC, you are what we looking for.
And must have the following traits:

a  Creative
a  Dependable
a  Competent
a  Passionate
a  Trustworthy


Why Join Us?

Dlinkers has been in the digital marketing industry for over 8 years. It started only with just Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services and now it is expanding its service, one proof that we are flexible in whatever changes happening in this industry. That’s why we are in need now of experienced linkbuilders, content writers, graphics designer/web designer, web developers and PPC specialists. If you are truly familiar with the digital marketing particularly with changes in search engine algorithm, you will truly know and believe that Dlinkers is stable and growing because we are existing (against all odds) for over 8 years.

Commitment. Dlinkers is always committed in maximizing the potential of every individual; especially YOU (the chosen one). Through your talents and skills, we further continue and will always be ready for whatever changes in the industry.

Salary and Benefits. If you’re asking for the salary and benefits, we offer a competitive package here in Iloilo, it will actually depends on your experience (so, it’s definitely TBA).  For benefits: we have SSS, Pag-ibig, Philhealth, SILP and some freebies (like FREE coffee, food ,travel and etc.).  And if you’re asking for more, you will actually know it when you are going to be part of the team!  Yes, it is something FUN! :)

Real Testimonial (you can actually ask her if you are in the company)
“Since 2010, I have seen and experienced Dlinkers faced lots of challenges which I am truly thankful with, through it I became more optimistic, passionate and persistent. I’m with the company for over five years now and I’m proud that I have learned a lot, I can’t imagine myself working in other companies, if I haven’t been at Dlinkers, I couldn’t meet onsite and off-site optimization or search engine optimization, Google Analytics, webmaster tool (now Search Console), Open Site Explorer, Social media analytics, Keyword research and many more. And the greatness when you’re familiar with search operators or you love experiments you can search immediately what you’re looking for. Simply, I gain lots of knowledge, skills and values. And if you’re going to ask me about the rest of the team, there are a lot of words that can describe them, so just for the top 3, I can simply testify they are creative, fun and smart. And to end this, if you’re going to ask me why I am still here, my answer is that I’m always excited with challenges, I love working with the team and simply I gain lots of ideas and info daily.  

P.S.: Sorry if this one gets too long, because when it comes to asking me how I find working with Dlinkers, 2-3 sentences is not enough, so if you have some questions, just look and ask me when you’re at the company :) .“ – Florence Mombay (started working since April 2010)

How to get started?

     1.       Check your experience; if you have 1 year experience, you’re in.
     2.       Prepare your resume, for graphic designers, web developers and content writers, you’ll need a portfolio on you sample work, so prepare it also.
    3.       If you’re resume and portfolio are ready, you can now submit it through al@dlinkers.com or submit it personally  at Room 208, Adelina Building, corner Gen. Luna-Jalandoni Streets, Iloilo City
   4.       If you have submitted it through email and personally, you will know that you are qualified for the pre-screening if you will be replied or texted to come to our office for an exam and interview.
    5.       Do well on your exam and interview
    6.       Wait for the Final Decision (Congrats in Advance for those who are qualified)
As long as you have a year of experience, you are always welcome to apply. You can also send your inquires through our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Dlinkers.

Be Part of Creative, Fun and Smart Team Now!

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